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Please consider contacting one of our representatives to discuss your RSS plans with them.

We will give you a LIVE demo of Virtual Publisher and provide instant downloads to whitepapers and a FREE reader application.

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To see how a good RSS strategy can help your business, we have collected some valuable information on our site:

Why RSS?
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Services & Solutions

RSS|vp is a managed services firm that specializes in RSS publishing and email marketing. Our services range from basic self service RSS feed creation and management, to custom RSS integration services.

•  Virtual Publisher: An Enterprise RSS Publishing and Tracking Service
•  Customized RSS Application and Development Services
•  Brandable RSS Reader and Aggregation Services
•  Hosted Feed and Content Management Services
•  Email and RSS Integration Services
•  RSS Marketing and Awareness Services

Why use RSS|vp Services?

A global consumer marketplace means companies and organizations must quickly adapt to delivering their value propositions to fragmented, information laden audiences as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Millions of web-sites and billions of web-pages will not be seen by the right audience at the right time. RSS feeds help to change all that. Your content is delivered to your valued audience on their terms; the only way to truly deliver a long-lasting relationship.

With RSS|vp your information can now be easily syndicated and spread through the web creating new audiences and customers while keeping existing audiences informed.

Why limit the interaction with your audience to email and the occasional website visit? Serve your information the moment it's made available with RSS|vp.

RSS|vp Solution Benefits

•  RSS feeds are continually evolving; and our dedicated team makes it easy for you to have your RSS feed maximized to its full potential.
•  We provide feed validation to ensure your feed is correct.
•  Our hosted service allows you to expand your business offerings without expanding overhead.
•  We provide on-going technical assistance.
•  Detailed statistics on your RSS channel traffic provides for easy
performance audits.
•  Create new audiences as users utilize homepage RSS feeds such as My Yahoo and desktop readers, to save time.
You don’t even require a website to get your news out. We provide complete news and newsletter hosting services.
RSS feeds are becoming the new content delivery method of choice by end-users.
Combined with our e-mail campaign management service, RSS|vp provides the most complete service offering available.
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RSS|vp Reader
Easily view and manage news feeds, blogs, online content and media files.
iPod Friendly.
Full featured Internet Explorer Add-on (free)
Yahoo RSS Service
Web-based feed reading service for My Yahoo! users. (free)
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