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What is RSS?

Often referred to as Really Simple Syndication (RSS), RSS distributes and aggregates content such as news announcements, press releases, product announcements, and headlines through the use of a standard XML format.
This process provides on-demand information updates directly to end-users as changes occur to specific web content, without the user having to search for it. The user subscribes once to the feed.
RSS allows content providers the ability to automatically send updated web content to end-users who are using RSS readers to consume the content the way they want to.

The RSS Publishing Process

How do I use RSS as a Reader?

RSS feeds provide individuals with the ability to subscribe to, and then be automatically updated on your information as it becomes posted to the web. Therefore anytime you have information that you would like your audience to consume you simply have it posted on the web in the correct RSS/XML format. There are three ways an end-user receives your RSS feed:

  • Through one of over 50 free RSS feed readers available for an end-user's computer.
  • Web-based services that work inside your browser.
  • New browser updates from Microsoft, Apple and Mozilla are incorporating RSS feed reader capabilities directly into the browser as a standard feature.

RSS|vp Virtual Publisher

Depending upon your time and knowledge of XML creating an RSS feed can be relatively easy or an extremely daunting task. Utilizing a service such as RSS|vp allows for immediate and supported RSS feed creation and syndication.

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RSS Glossary

RSS - Acronym for "Really Simple Syndication". This is an XML-based Web syndication tool for Web sites and blogs. RSS repackages new content with information such as a date, a title, a link, and a brief description. An RSS Reader then interprets this feed so that the user need only read the description and link to the news story or blog post.

XML - Acronym for "Extensible Markup Language" .A markup language that describes many different kinds of data so that programs can modify and validate data. Its primary purpose is to share structured text over the Internet.

Channels - These are XML links to new articles or blogs. Sometimes called a feed.
Feeds - These are XML documents used for Web syndication, often with links to new articles or blog posts and brief descriptions. Sometimes called a channel.

Articles - The content items that are referenced in a channel are called Articles.

Blog - A blog is a public Web site with personal posts ordered so that the most recent is always first. Often these posts are also archived and searchable. Posts may come from one or many individuals, and the messages often share a common theme. The most recent blogs posted, with links and a brief description, are available via RSS.

Proxy - An indirect means of connecting to the Internet. A desktop connects to a server, which then connects to the Internet. Sometimes this is done to filter content or intercept viruses before they infect an internal network. If you are connecting to the Internet via a proxy server, you will need to make some changes in your RSS reader configuration.

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+ Readers and Aggregators
Many Readers & Aggregators to meet any requirement are available on the internet. Here is a small selection:

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Easily view and manage news feeds, blogs, online content and media files.
iPod Friendly.
Full featured Internet Explorer Add-on (free)
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Web-based feed reading service for My Yahoo! users. (free)
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