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RSS Demonstration

Take RSS|vp for a test-drive with our free trial or request a LIVE demonstration. One of our sales associates will be glad to show you our Virtual Publisher and how easy it is to get your information syndicated.

RSS|vp Classic

RSS|vp Enterprise
• $150 /mo.
• Starting at $950
• Includes Services

The Publishing Process

Want your RSS button? If you are a RSS|vp publisher, it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Place content on the Internet
  2. Create feed and link content
  3. Post orange RSS button on site

RSS|vp helps you solve all these basic tasks as a web-based service that can be deployed in minutes and is affordable for anyone.

Explore the Publishing Process with RSS|vp
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Even better - RSS|vp goes beyond standard web publishing. Having access to RSS|vp, allows you to focus on your content - the most important thing for your audience - and not be distracted by the technology.

RSS|vp can help you:

  • make frequent modifications to your content
  • notify aggregators about changes
  • track click-throughs
  • publish in new RSS formats
  • password-protect feed access
  • reuse existing RSS feeds
  • allow multiple publishers to work on the same feed
  • do something you haven’t even thought about yet ...


Explore other Publishing Possibilities with RSS|vp.
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+ Branded RSS Readers

Match your RSS|vp Classic or Enterprise Subscription with a custom branded RSS Reader application, featuring automatic user ID generation, full Podcast support and an unlimited users redistribution license.

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