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Quotes on RSS

 “Getting away from the drawbacks of e-mail – that its too imposing – and yet the drawbacks of the web site – that you don’t know if there’s something new and interesting there – [RSS] is about solving that”

Bill Gates,
CEO Microsoft

"On Friday [at Gnomedex] you'll see how deeply integrated RSS is in the architecture of the [IE] browser. But that's just the tip of what may turn out to be a very big iceberg."

Dave Winer,
Blogging Pioneer

"The My MSN team is about to deploy a new version of My MSN that supports arbitrary RSS feeds."

Michael Connolly,
Program Manager of MSN Spaces

+ Branded RSS Readers

Match your RSS|vp Classic or Enterprise Subscription with a custom branded RSS Reader application, featuring automatic user ID generation, full Podcast support and an unlimited users redistribution license.

RSS|vp Webservice Subscription Pricing & Sign Up




One-Time Setup and Training Fee FREE Starting at $950 once**
First Month FREE Included
Recurring Fee FREE $150 /month
# of Registered Publishers 2 (1 Primary, 1 Secondary) No Limit
User Administration Level Full Access Control Full Access Control
Interface Style Beginner, Standard Beginner, Standard, Advanced
No. of Feeds 10 No Limit
No. of Articles 1000 No Limit
Feed Naming
Feed Branding Logo
External Feed Import ()0
External Feed Cleaning
Article Status Scheduling
Feed Validation
Content Hosting ()1
WYSIWYG Content Editor
Unique URL Generator
Enclosure & Podcast Support
Password Protected Feeds ()2
OPML Generator ()3
Syndication HTML Code
Master Feeds/Feed Combiner
Standard Pinging Services
Mobile Device Support (WML)
Statistics and Reporting    
Feed Access Summary
Article Clicks
Report Filters
CSV Export
Article Rating
Individual User Tracking
Client Agent Tracking ()4
Access Metrics Graphs ()5
RSS|vp Services and Tools    
Personal Support Options Email Email, IM, Phone
Searchable Online Help
RSS|vp Whitepapers and Documents
RSS|vp Web Templates ()6



Subscription Terms
0. RSS|vp Classic limited to 1 external feed import.
1. RSS|vp Classic limited to 1MB files, 10MB total hosted content.
2. RSS|vp Classic limited to single username/password basic authentication.
3. RSS|vp Classic limited to 1 OPML category.
4. RSS|vp Classic limited to agent statistics for all feeds combined.
5. RSS|vp Classic has limited number of metrics available.
6. RSS|vp Classic has limited number of content templates available.
*. RSS|vp Subscription and billing is securely managed by PayPal
**. Includes professional services, initial RSS|vp setup, audit review and managed training. RSS|vp Enterprise also provides optional customized tracking services, LDAP and database integration on a per request basis.

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