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RSS Demonstration

Take RSS|vp for a test-drive with our free trial or request a LIVE demonstration. One of our sales associates will be glad to show you our Virtual Publisher and how easy it is to get your information syndicated.

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Publishing Possibilities

RSS|vp does more than just publish orange RSS buttons! Here are some of the possibilities you gain from syndicating your content to your audience with RSS|vp:

Feed Icons
Syndicate your feed by placing a standard RSS or XML icon on your website.


Feed Discovery
Some search engines and browsers can automatically discover and use RSS newsfeed links that are related to your website or webpage.

  Firefox Live Bookmark

OPML Summary
Many aggregators offer an OPML import option that subscribes to multiple feeds at once. Syndicate all your feeds at once by placing an OPML icon on your website.


Aggregator Icons
Directly link your feed to some commonly used web-based aggregators serving millions of users.


HTML Preview
Give your audience a live preview of your content with an HTML button.

  Click to see RSSvp Insight preview ...

IFRAME Embedding
Place a rendered view directly into your website using an <iframe> tag. Many styles are already predefined or can be easily configure using a client CSS stylesheet.

Page Embedding
Embedding using a scripting language such as ASP, PHP or Perl is as easy as loading the HTML code the RSS|vp into your page. Multiple predefined CSS styles are provided by RSS|vp so you can match your news to the look of your website in minutes.

&width=500"; ?>

JS Embedding
Embedding using JavaScript (JS) is even easier since it can be placed right inside the HTML code and does not require access to a server-side scripting language. RSS|vp makes it as easy as a 15sec cut-n-paste.

<script language="javascript" src="

WAP Button
Serve your feed to your audience via their mobile devices, cell-phones, wireless PDAs, etc. using the Wireless Markup Language (WML) support of RSS|vp.

Feed Combiner
RSS|vp's powerful master-feed combiner lets your audience choose what they want to read - combined into a single subscription.

Choose newsfeeds:
RSS|vp Insight
NYT > Home Page
Wired News
InfoWorld: Top News
The Globe and Mail

Protected Feeds
Protect your feed content to registered audiences by password-protecting feed access. RSS|vp supports simple schemes such as single username/password authentication as well as complex custom integrations with your user database or authentication server.

  Use username 'demo' and password 'demo' for feedaccess.

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