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Features & Benefits

RSS|vp has a large number of features that translate into an immediate benefit for the publisher or the audience when syndicating information with the system.

Feature Benefit
Unlimited Number of Feeds & Articles RSS|vp's interface is designed to manage any number of feeds, content items or users. As your syndication grows, RSS|vp there to help you publish more content.
Feed Naming & Branding Logo Each feed you create in RSS|vp has an individual name and can have your branding logo attached. RSS|vp also allows you to add a custom branding message to each article summary automatically.
External Feed Import & Cleaning Don't limit yourself to your own content or articles posted on RSS|vp: Feed Import allows you to re-publish existing RSS feeds from your CMS or publically available RSS links. The re-published feed is managed by RSS|vp and allows full editorial control plus all management features available in RSS|vp (tracking, protection, unique URLs, etc). You can also create easily valuable content for your audience from external feeds - but with your competitors messages edited out.
Article Status Scheduling The publishing process in RSS|vp allows you to queue articles in advance for later publishing. This gives the user of your feed the illusion, that content is constantly beeing updated even if you do not publish at a particular time. Similary you can expire articles at a preset times automatically, for example when they are out of date, and they won't appear in the feed anymore.
Feed Validation RSS|vp creates valid XML for all major supported RSS formats (0.9, 0.91, 1.0, 2.0) and makes sure your descriptions and links conform to the specifications. Furthermore, a feed validation button using an independent external service is available for every feed. With RSS|vp you can be sure your audience gets a correct feed.
Content Hosting & WYSIWYG Editor Your task is to get content written and published and RSS|vp will help, by hosting your information or podcast files. You can even write your articles right within the RSS|vp interface using our build in HTML editor using our standard or your custom content templates.
Content Usage Tracking The usage of content items that have been created in or uploaded to RSS|vp for articles and podcasts is tracked, simplifying usage and reducing errors such as double-posts.
Unique URL Generator Let RSS|vp generate unique URLs for each user to allow you to track usage and click-throughs by individual users. RSS|vp's URL generator works from all the way from the OPML summary down to the individual article. The multi-tier tracking mechanism can segment usage by individuals or groups allowing you to generate powerful metrics.
Enclosure & Podcast Support Standard media attachement enclosures (i.e. Podcasts) are fully supported by RSSvp. Podcasts can be hosted on RSS|vp or you can use valid external links to your content as enclosure. Use RSS|vp's Podcasting support as your new corporate communications channel for content delivery.
Password Protected Feeds Lock your content feed from preying eyes and allow only authenticated subscribers to see your releases with RSS|vp's protected feed feature. Using basic HTTP authentication RSS|vp integrates with all RSS clients. The open architecture of RSS|vp allows us to custom integrate the user access with your system (LDAP, web-login, database, etc.).
OPML Summary Generator RSS|vp will generate a categorized summary for all feeds you manage in the popular OPML format. This allows you to easily publish whole collections of feeds to your audience or our custom reader product. Your users can import hundreds of feeds with one click and if you add a new feed at a later date, it will be automatically added to the summary.
Syndication HTML Generator Need an orange RSS button? With RSS|vp it is just a click away. Simply cut-and-paste the provided sample HTML code into your website and your are done. Multiple formats, button styles and RSS versions are provided.
Master Feeds/Feed Combiner Let your audience choose the content they want. Using RSS|vp's feed combiner technology, a master feed is combined with user selectable content feeds to create a new content feed - on the fly, right from a simple web-form without the user needing to sign-up or subscribe.
Aggregator Pinging Service Tell the world about your content - or better - let RSS|vp do this for you automatically. By "pinging" your feed URLs to 10+ RSS aggregation services on the Internet (i.e. Yahoo) whenever it is updated, your information is spread automatically and changes propagate to the Internet immediately.
Mobile Device Support Feeds managed by RSS|vp are automatically available for any mobile device with Internet access via the WML/WAP rendering feature. Allow your mobile user to get the latest update of your information without any extra work - just publish RSS via RSS|vp.
Extensive Statistics & Reporting You want to know who is using your information and RSS|vp will tell you by providing statistics and reporting tables. Its tracking engine collects all events related to your feeds and articles such as reads and clicks, segments them by users, groups, readers and IPs, and reports concise click-through summaries and detailed time histories.
Report Filters & Graphs Drill down into your usage data with powerful analysis filters and graphical result displays. And if you can't find what you need, let us customize RSS|vp with the statistics display for your RSS application.
CSV Export of Reports RSS|vp allows you to download your reporting data into a spreadsheet via a standard CSV file download. This allows you to easily present your information on your PowerPoint presentation or incorporate it into your user database or email campaign.
Feed & Article Rating Let the readers of your content tell you what they think. By enabling the rating feature for a feed, RSS|vp will automatically add a rating banner to each article display, allowing direct feedback from your audience on your information.
Individual User Tracking RSS|vp tracks individual users via unique URL parameters anonymously and efficiently. Tracking data that is individualized like this allows for the generation of accurate metrics on feed usage.
XML API Integrate RSS|vp with your system via our XML-RPC API. Ask for details.

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