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Custom RSS Readers

RSS|vp offers customized readers, that preload feeds and brand the interface for your organization.

Download FREE RSS|vp Reader

Get started with RSS right away by downloading our free, full-featured reader application. Easily view and manage news feeds, blogs, online content and media files. iPod Friendly!

RSS|vp Reader Features & System Requirements
•  Reads all the latest XML feed formats (RSS and Atom)
•  Works on Windows 98/2000/XP/Me/NT operating systems
•  Requires no plug-ins or additional software or downloads
•  Does not require collection of any personal information
•  Includes an uninstall function

+ Branded RSS Readers

Match your RSS|vp Classic or Enterprise Subscription with a custom branded RSS Reader application, featuring automatic user ID generation, full Podcast support and an unlimited users redistribution license.

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